GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR TRAINING MASTER THE ART OF LEADING SAFE, EFFECTIVE AND FUN GROUP EXERCISE. Grow your career into the group fitness arena by mastering the skills of group class design, implementation and modification. Learn how to choreograph a class, match movement to music and learn to successfully cue in a group setting.

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AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Training Course (Thai Programme) Thai
30 Hrs.
Thai language course
The Athletics and Fitness Association of America™ (AFAA) is a dominant force in movement-based group health and fitness. Their vision isn’t to just change bodies — but to advance the lives of instructors and those they guide. Fit® has partnered with them to allow you to take your fitness passion to a whole new level as an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) AFAA instructors and trainers go out into the world to share their love for fitness and be the person that others look to for a superior learning experiences. Now FIT is building on AFAA’s stature as a leader and innovator to get people in Thailand excited about working out. Course content includes: How to design, choreograph and lead a group fitness class. Training modalities, including: strength and resistance, HIIT, interval, boot camp, yoga, cycle and more. Essentials of exercise and physiology. Foundations of nutrition and healthy eating. How to adapt group classes for special populations, e.g. pregnant women and senior participants. How to develop and use business skills and how to adhere to professional responsibilities.
18 years old and above
18 years old and above
To sit for international exam : Valid Cardiorespiratory Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR&AED) certification
Valid Cardiorespiratory Pulmonary Resuscitation
30 hours
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Starting Price 22,400.-

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